10 Facts about Turbo

In Personal by MC

We just reached the six month mark for adopting Turbo! It’s hard to believe that this little rascal has been in our lives for that long and at the same time, I barely remember what life was like without him.

Here are some fun facts about our youngest fur ball.

If you are a new reader, Toby was my first dog. He is a lab mix, weighs about 50 pounds, and he’s my occasional running partner. You can read all about his running antics here. We added Turbo to the family this January.

1 – He is from Texas

We adopted Turbo (previously known as Gus) from the Pet Rescue Alliance group in Northern Virginia. He came from a high kill shelter in Fort Worth, Texas. This is the only picture we saw of him before we met him a few days later.

2 – He loves toys

Specifically, Toby’s toys. We have several stuffed toys that Toby has had since he was much younger and they are now Turbo’s toys. We are still working on sharing, so if anyone has tips on this, I’m sure Toby would appreciate them!

3 – He loves windows

Much like Toby, he loves to look out windows – at home or in the car. The challenge is that he is barely tall enough to see out of the car windows. He still tries though.

4 – He is a cuddle monster

I have never met a dog who cuddles as much as Turbo does. When he is napping, lounging, or sleeping at night, it is a guarantee that he is cuddled up against someone. It’s actually one of the sweetest things ever.

5 – He loves Toby

It took awhile for them to get used to each other, but they are inseparable now. Seriously though, Turbo tends to be socially anxious and a bit nervous, but a lot of that goes away when he is with Toby. Nowadays, I keep finding them curled up together on Toby’s bed or the futon.

6 – He loves naps

I have approximately 1,000 pictures of him sleeping. He loves taking naps and he will sleep anywhere. He is the best Sunday afternoon nap companion.

7 – He thinks he is a big dog

Turbo is 10 pounds. At most. Yet he acts like he is as big as Toby (who is 50 pounds). He guards the house and has no qualms barking at any random noise or any random person. We are working on getting him to calm down a bit around strangers. Positive behavior reinforcement is in full swing!

8 – He loves water

Unlike my lab mix, Toby, Turbo loves water. He loves showers and baths and often tries to jump into the bathtub. I imagine he would love it if we took him swimming some day.

9 – He still has his first toy

The day we got Turbo, we went to Petsmart to gather some essentials. We found a little duck toy that was on sale and it quickly became his favorite thing ever. It may have lost its squeaker, but he still often plays with it and carries it around.

10 – He loves his people

Turbo loves us. So much. He loves Toby and always wants to play with him. He loves his family and enjoys giving multiple kisses every minute.

I love Turbo so much and I cannot imagine life without him. I will say that I was formerly against a small dog, but being able to pick him up when he’s getting into trouble or cuddle him ALL the time, is pretty great. We are forever grateful to Pet Resuce Alliance for bringing him to us.

I can’t emphasize enough how positive having dogs has been for my life. If you are leaning towards getting one, I highly recommend it. Look at the rescues first; they have so much love to give. #adoptdontshop