27 Good Things

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As my 28th birthday rapidly approaches, I have been taking time to reflect on my 27th year. It’s easy to focus on the harder times or the negative things that happen, but today I am going to focus on 27 of the good things that happened.

  1. I survived a blizzard
  2. I paid off my car
  3. I ran my first 8k
  4. I went to my cousin’s wedding in Hawaii
  5. I met my boyfriend
  6. I ran an inflatables fun run with friends
  7. I started a bullet journal
  8. I spent a girl’s weekend in Maryland
  9. My best friend got married
  10. I was a bridesmaid
  11. I went to my cousin’s wedding in Oregon
  12. I got to spend time with my mom’s side of the family
  13. I ran 2 5ks
  14. I ran 3 half marathons
  15. I set a new half marathon PR
  16. I went hiking with Toby for the first time
  17. I went to my first VT football game post graduation
  18. I ran my 2nd marathon
  19. I went to Texas (twice)
  20. I fell in love
  21. I met new people
  22. I sang a challenging solo at church
  23. I started my blog
  24. I finally got my scrum master certification
  25. I went to Rome
  26. I rang in the new year in Florence, Italy
  27. I adopted a puppy with my boyfriend

27 was a really great year. It definitely had its challenges, but I grew a lot because of those difficult moments. I laughed a lot, learned a lot, and loved a lot. This year was so much fun. Bring it on 28!


  1. Yay for all the things! I’m so proud of you! You also need to talk to me about this bullet journal thing…I’m intrigued. 🙂

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