5 Things I Learned from Running 11 Days In a Row

In Misc by MC

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about doing the #RWRunStreak where you run one mile every day. Well, I ended up doing my own version and running 11 days in a row, though the mileage varied. Here are some things that I learned during my impromptu streak.

1. I look forward to running every day

It was really hard to get back into running regularly after my recent marathon, but having a goal (to run as many days in a row as possible) was really motivating. As each day went by, I was looking forward to getting a short run in and also really looking forward to the post run endorphins. Even though my streak ended, I’m doing my best to get a run in as often as possible.

2. I like running with my dog

I’ve taken Toby out on several of my runs, especially when I go later in the day when it is dusk and starting to get dark. I forgot how much I enjoy running with him! So far, the farthest we’ve gone together is 3.1 miles. He does reasonably well on our runs and I enjoy his company.

3. I don’t hate running on the treadmill

Due to the low temps and it getting dark so early, I’ve had to get runs in at the gym, which means on the treadmill. I’ve always dreaded treadmill running, but I’ve done it three or four times and it’s been pretty good. I even ran a 5k yesterday. Maybe winter training won’t be so bad this year!

4. My 3-5 mile runs are getting faster

I’ve noticed recently that my average pace is getting faster, especially on these shorter runs. During my streak, I ran 4.1 miles at a 9:23 pace. According to RunKeeper, that’s my fastest yet! It’s been fun to push speed on these runs.

5. Winter is Beautiful

Winter can be a hard season to appreciate, unless there is a light dusting of snow on the ground. (One to two inches, max.) It’s a season where the trees have lost their leaves, the grass has lost some of its color, and things can look dreary at times. On my evening runs, I’ve started to appreciate how beautiful the trail is now. The lack of color in the ground just emphasizes the blues and yellows in the sky.