A Week of Wining

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Last week, I spent time in Eugene, OR for my cousin’s wedding and then a family reunion. If you weren’t already aware of this, Oregon is becoming pretty famous for its wines: specifically, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

My cousin’s wedding took place at Sweet Cheeks, we stayed in a house down the street from Sweet Cheeks and Silvan Ridge, and my half marathon was at a winery in Canby.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the wineries (and a cool brewery) that we went to.

St. Josef’s Winery
This winery was the first we visited and it was where the half marathon was. (Post recap on that coming later this week!) It was small, with such a nice outdoorst-josef-menu area. The staff was so friendly and their wines were pretty good. My parents especially enjoyed the Merlot and Syrah.


View at Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks Winery
We went to Sweet Cheeks like four days in a row. It was just so convenient! They had so many wines to choose from and they were good. Not to mention their outdoor area is divine with the most scenic views. Add in a couple of cute dogs that walk around – perfection! I really enjoyed the Pinot Fusion and the Rosy Cheeks.

Silvan Ridge
We ended up at Silvan Ridge two days since, like Sweet Cheeks, it was just right around the corner. My cousin was really fond of the Malbec Rose and their Tempranillo was also pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures here.

King Estates Winking-estate-signery
king-estate-menuI have never been to a winery as large as King Estates. I didn’t take great pictures, but there were grapes beyond where the eye could see. It was a little fancier than the other wineries (a little more expensive too). We had a lot of fun during our tasting and then chose to stay at the restaurant where we had some Pinot Noir as well as the Riesling. Both were delicious. They also had delightful appetizers.

Elkhorn Brewery
When we first got to Eugene, we stayed down the street from The Elkhorn Brewery and ended up going there twice. It was family friendly, with lots of beers and hard ciders.


Daily Tap List

I ended up getting a hard cider flight and really liked the Strawberry Rhubarb cider and the Snozzberry cider. The food there was also great. Graciously sized portions and the quality was so good. The night before my race I had the B.L.A.T (Bacon Lettuce Avocado Lettuce) and it was delicious!


Hard cider flight

I did other things in Oregon, of course, but it was nice to get to explore Eugene and taste great wines while doing it!