A Weekend with the Fighting Irish

In Personal, Travel by MC

Back in November, I spent a long weekend in one of my favorite places: South Bend, Indiana. You may wonder, what is so special about South Bend? South Bend is the home of the University of Notre Dame, our family school. My grandpa went there, my dad went there, and then my brother went there. My brother and I grew up in Notre Dame sweatshirts and always had an annual pilgrimage to see a football game. Notre Dame will always be a really special place to me.

This year it was more special because my beloved Virginia Tech Hokies played Notre Dame. So my parents and my boyfriend and I went up for the game.


We flew into Chicago and then drove a couple of hours to South Bend. We checked out our house for the weekend, which was awesome because it was SO close to campus. It was beautiful weather for Thursday and Friday – in the 70s. Pretty much none of us had prepared for that weather, we had prepared for the snow on Saturday. I made a quick trip to the Bookstore to get shorts and a tee shirt so I could get a run in on Friday.

We hit up all our favorite spots – the Grotto, the lake. We had dinner at Legends on Campus. Then we headed to a hockey game, my first college hockey game!


I started Friday with a 3 mile run on campus. It was so nice out and I desperately needed the fresh air. Then we went back to campus to meet some of my dad’s friends for lunch. We ate at Rohr’s, the restaurant in the Morris Inn. We walked around campus and fed squirrels. The fattest squirrels I’ve ever seen!

Then we went to Rocco’s for pizza. You have to get there really early or else you have to wait in line to get in. We met up with family friends and enjoyed salad, pizza, and wine.


Game day! And snow day! We woke up to a steady snowfall, though the accumulation wasn’t much. It was crazy since the day before had literally been in the 70’s.

We headed to campus fairly early and to a tailgate. Luckily, it was in a tent and had a lot of heaters. The food was good and it was nice to escape the cold for awhile. Then we headed to hear the trumpets play in the Gold Dome and after that it was off to the stadium! The game was cold, but good. Especially since my Hokies came out on top!

After the game, we headed back to our house and had food and drinks with a few friends before calling it a night.


After packing up all our stuff, we headed to campus for mass. One of the must do things at Notre Dame is to attend mass at the Basilica. It’s beautiful and the music is always wonderful. The homily was on point and even included references to Game of Thrones.

The rest of the day was spent in the car, at the airport, and on a plane. It was a long day of travel!

It was a great weekend. Each night we hung out and talked and it was nice to spend so much time with the people most important to me. Notre Dame is just one of those places that speaks to your soul.