I’m MC and I am a twenty something residing in the Northern VA area. I love animals, my friends and family, and will never say no to a donut.

I work as a consultant at a small data solutions company in the area and while I enjoy my job, I love all of the other activities I get to do in my spare time.

I’m really involved at my church and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with a quality community and interact with the young people there.

Here are some of my favorite things:

  • Running

    I love half marathons and shorter distances, though I have completed two marathons

  • Pets

    I have two rabbits – Bunny and Cadbury – and a lab mix named Toby

  • Music

    I love music and singing and am an active member of my church choir

  • Travel

    I travel a lot with my family and love to share about the fun places I go

I love writing, but don’t have a regular outlet for it so I decided to start this blog. My many miles are not only those gained by pounding the pavement, but also by traveling and even ordinary every day activities.