Dear Cadbury

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You’d think I would be better at this since I’ve lost pets before and suddenly, but it is hard every time. I found myself woefully unprepared when I found you. I don’t know if you went last night or this morning, but you looked peaceful so I really hope that you went quickly and painlessly.

It wasn’t always easy with you. You wouldn’t eat hay (unless you were with the vet), your teeth needed constant trimming, you drank too much and peed too much, and then you lost weight and never really seemed to put it back on. We went through a lot of trial and error together, like with hay. Eventually we came to the conclusion that alfalfa is edible but not every day.

You really started enjoying your nightly salads these last few months. I’m glad you got to have romaine, parsley, mint, basil, spinach, collard greens, kale, and strawberry tops regularly. You did put back on some weight, though it wouldn’t stay on.

Two years ago, we started trying to chase down your health issues. Several blood tests later, we didn’t really have an answer other than most likely cancer. We did some antibiotics – that was fun for me having to poke a huge needle in you twice a day. Oh, and your first dose of the medicine from the doctor was three times the amount you needed.

Ever since then you’ve been skinny, but you were a fighter and kept hanging on despite whatever was going on.

You were such a sweet rabbit. You were curious and always exploring. You loved cuddling and sitting right against your cage next to Bunny. Even though she didn’t really like you, you kept trying – always nestling up next to her and smelling her. You loved Turbo and always tolerated his kisses. You loved to sit on top of your igloo and just watch the world go by.

Cadbury – you were loved and I hope you felt it, even though it wasn’t always said. I’m sorry your life wasn’t easier, but I hope that you enjoyed your time here and are hopping pain free with teeth that aren’t growing anymore.

Rest in peace, sweet boy.


  1. MC, this is beautiful.❤️ I’m so sorry you lost your sweet Cadbury. Love his name, by the way.😊 He was loved and lived the very best life with you. I know he felt it… I admire your love and compassion for animals so much. I wish more people in this world were as caring and compassionate as you. I’m thinking of you through this difficult time. With love, Libby

  2. Pass the tissues, please. Beautiful bunny eulogy. Sniff. Sniff. He was a sweetie. He will be missed.

  3. I am so sorry you lost your dear Cadbury! He must of had a great life feeling loved by you.

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