Going LoCo: Two races back to back

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I went LoCo this weekend. No, I did not go crazy, although maybe I am crazy to have done this challenge. I participated in the LoCo Challenge 2017, which consisted of an 8k on Saturday morning and a Half Marathon on Sunday morning. I had been warned that Sunday might be really hard after an 8k, but it turned out to be one of my better races!

The 8k

The only other 8k I have done was this same race last year. My time was around 53 minutes, which I was happy with. This year my goal was to take it easy and enjoy the run. The weather was not ideal (sprinkling the entire time and colder than it had been) and my watch was dead so I ended up not pacing at all.

I had my music going and saw the mile markers, but I had no idea what my pace was or how I was doing. And you know what? I loved it! It was freeing. I focused solely on the run and I actually really did enjoy it. It felt great, I pushed a little bit, but really just ran at a pace that felt good to my body. I finished in 50:59, which is slightly quicker than last year.

The Half Marathon

After a day spent with my college roommate that included hanging out with the dogs, a basketball game, and margaritas it was time for the second leg of the challenge. I ran this half marathon two years ago, but the course was a bit different this year. It started early (7am!) but it was dry and warmer than I expected. I had my watch and I wanted to pace myself some to try and beat my time from two years ago, which was 2:26.

I started out really fast and I could feel it, so I pulled back some to not burn out early. The race ended up being great, the weather was awesome, and I just felt good the whole time. Most races I struggle towards the end, but this one I had the energy saved up to sprint to the finish line. I had a great pace and it is my second best time: 2:17:57 with a 10:32 pace.


  • Running in the rain isn’t terrible, but it is tiring even at a short distance
  • I pushed myself both days and I am so glad I did
  • Running without pacing is incredibly freeing and I want to do it more often
  • Recovery was really hard on Sunday, but I felt back to normal on Monday

I had a lot of fun going LoCo this weekend and would definitely do a race challenge like this in the future. Now the question is, which one?


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