In Training by MC

As of this weekend, I am officially halfway through my training plan. It’s both comforting and terrifying. Comforting because I’m two months away from the marathon! Terrifying because I have two more months of running four times a week, 30+ miles a week.

I’m tired. This week has been really hard motivation wise. There have been multiple days that I did not want to get up early and run. I ran every day, of course, because I am not about to start slacking now.

From my 17 miler

From my 17 miler

I don’t remember being this tired last year. I know that I wasn’t as serious about my training plan last year either. I wasn’t doing every.single.run like I am this year. I have yet to miss one day. Even with travel, work, other activities, I get my runs in. I think a huge part of that is because I run in the morning now.

I know that this will pass. I can do it! I did it last year. I’m in better shape now, I have my stuff together now. I can do it!

During my long run this weekend (17 miles) I had a lot of time to think about running and training. And as I was running in the 60 degree weather, taking in the fall smells and the gorgeous scenery, I remembered why I love running so much. I get outside of my head and I get back in touch with nature. I spent over three hours on Saturday running!
So yes. I am tired. I am sleeping more and overall doing less, but it’s worth it. I am pushing my body to do something incredible that I know it can do. I’m going to celebrate that I’m past the halfway point and just keep running.