Introducing Our New Dog: Tulip

In Personal by MC

I am working really hard to cement my crazy dog lady reputation. It’s been going pretty well, but has really been solidified with our newest addition: Tulip!

I volunteer with a rescue, Pet Rescue Alliance. If they sound familiar it is because they also rescued our Turbo. Anyways, last week PRA posted the picture of the most adorable little puppers named Prada. She was six pounds and six years old and I was done.

After a short chat with John, we decided that she was the missing piece and we wanted her to join our family! Luckily, the stars aligned and she was able to come up from Texas over the weekend.

Tulip is a real cuddle bug. She is the sweetest dog ever! She loves being around people and cuddling is her favorite activity.

She is the perfect size to sit on your lap and I have to admit that working from home is even better when she is curled up in my lap while I’m testing.

The boys are still lukewarm – hopefully they will warm up to her soon. Turbo is a little more interested than Toby, but still very apprehensive.

She is doing pretty well though she does have a few accidents during the day. We have to remember to take her out right after dinner! She is definitely a Mommy’s girl and I LOVE it. But we are working on her not getting too possessive when Turbo or Toby try to get some love from me.

We are so excited to have Tulip in our lives and we love her so much already!