Life Lately: An Overdue Update

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It has been a hot second since I’ve updated this blog. I have posts in my draft folder all in various states of completion. I don’t have a good reason for not updating (at least not now), although the fall was certainly very busy!

So, here is what has been going on in my life for the past few months.


Two weeks before my wedding, I competed in a Strongman competition at my regular box, Noble Athletics. I had been doing Strongman Saturdays and loved the events so I decided to enter the Novice Lightweight class. I trained for all the events, but wasn’t feeling very confident going into the competition.

My goal for almost everything was three. If I do three deadlifts, three stone over bar then I will be happy. I ended up surpassing my goal on EVERY event. Shoutout to my awesome chirporactor for helping me out after the deadlifts – my back would not have been ready for the truck pull.

I pulled a UHAUL truck. I did seven deadlifts at 220. I did three push presses at 95 pounds and six stones over bar. And finished strong in the medley (stone, keg, sandbag). I didn’t place in my class, but figured that would be the case since the competition was tough. I was just happy to be a part of it and prove to myself that I can do anything!

The Wedding

On September 22nd, John and I got married! It was a crazy couple of weeks leading up to the wedding, especially with training for Strongman, but it all ended up being great.

We got to spend the week before with family. John’s mom and aunt came in early and then his brothers arrived. My brother and his girlfriend flew in Thursday night. On Friday morning, Dad, my brother and I all ran a 5k. Seems crazy to some people, but for us, it is a family thing.

On Friday we all went to a brewery to hang out before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was a lot of fun seeing family we haven’t seen in awhile.

Saturday started super early as the ceremony was at 12. The ceremony was great; our priest gave a lovely homily and neither of us messed up our vows!

After what felt like years of taking pictures, we sat down for an amazing dinner and had the best time dancing with friends and family. It was a day we will never forget and we are so glad we got to spend it with all the people we cherish most.

Honeymoon in Cape Cod

Right after the wedding we took a road trip to Cape Cod for our honeymoon with the dogs. We stayed at a lovely little condo apartment right on the beach. While it wasn’t exactly beach weather, we did enjoy daily beach walks, exploring Cape Cod, looking at lighthouses, and eating all the seafood we could.

Our last night we had the most amazing dinner at the restaurant next door: Mews. It was beyond delicious!

We had a great time relaxing after the wedding and the dogs loved the beach and running around.

Annual Notre Dame Trip

This year, we were all able to go up to Notre Dame for a football game. John and I couldn’t go last year because I was doing a marathon relay. But this year, my brother and his girlfriend, my parents, and John and I all made the trek to South Bend for a weekend game.

John and I chose to drive (okay, I chose to drive) because we have a huge trip coming up and my flying anxiety is a little bit worse than usual. The drive wasn’t that bad, but the cold in South Bend was! We were not fully prepared – I couldn’t find my winter jacket and John forgot his snow boots. So, first thing Friday morning we went shopping to get some cold weather essentials. After that we got to hear dad give a space talk to some engineering students. Then we went to a cool tailgate right by the stadium. Oh, and it was snowing off and on all day! We ended Friday with a fun dinner with family friends.

Saturday morning, my brother, dad and I went on a 5k run. Again. This time, in the snow. It was fun though and I enjoyed chatting with my brother. After we got cleaned up and warmed up, we went to the Evil Czech for lightning lunch which is basically a buffet of small plates. It was really fun and really delicious.

After naps and some intense smudge playing (a Hawes family card game), it was time to bundle up for the game. We did some pre game activities before making our way to the stadium for the game. The game was fun, though really cold. Some of us went back to the house at half time and finished the game there with some hot chocolate. The rest of the group stayed until the very end. It was a great game and Notre Dame won, so definitely worth the cold weather!

25 miles

Last month I signed up for an online challenge. I really need to stop going on my phone late at night. So, for the month of November, I ran a total of 26 miles. That included two 5ks (SOME Fun Run and the Spend Yourself 5k). It was tough, but I did it and ended up running a lot with Toby. He’s a decent running partner, especially at night.

everything else

Other than all of that, I started a new project at work. It’s nice to work on something new for the first time in over three years, but it is hard to start over and learn an entirely new system!

We are getting ready for Christmas and our big trip to Vietnam. All the decorations are up so we can really enjoy them before we leave. We have most of our activities planned out so now it is starting the packing process and making sure we have everything we need!

I go to CrossFit three to four times a week. It has been essential to keeping my cool with all the stress this time of year. And I just signed up for nutrition coaching again. I was doing so well before the wedding, but went a little overboard since then. Luckily, my coach makes it really easy to get right back into it so it’s back to tracking macros for me.

Those are the fun things I am up to, outside of enjoying every day life with my new husband and our pack of doggos.

What have you been up to lately? Any fun holiday traditions you are looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!