Morning Runs

In Training by MC

Something I am doing differently this time around is running in the morning during the week.

It makes sense to do, right? It is cooler in the morning, it starts my day off on a good foot (literally!), and I have more energy. Its been really nice getting the runs done in the morning and not having them weighing on me in the evening, after a long day of work and other assorted activities.

It’s slightly addicting to run first thing in the morning. Before, I would always plan on running in the evening after work, but that can be stressful depending on what else I need to do in the evening or what time I get off work.

This week has been especially nice because it is nice and cool outside. I’ve been running in 61 degrees! Gorgeous. It makes me so excited for fall.


From my run on Tuesday morning

Yesterday was hard. I didn’t want to get up early. I didn’t want to run. I could be hard on myself about it and my lack of motivation, but screw that. I did it! I got up before work and ran seven miles even when I didn’t feel like it.

Running is hard. Running is worth it.

I would love to run every morning before work. Post marathon, I want to continue rolling out of bed and onto the trail to get in a quick three or four miles. It just feels SO good!