October Favorites: Products, Podcasts, and More

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It’s already the end of October (where did the month go?!) so that means it is time for my monthly roundup of favorites!

Here are the things I have been loving this month.

Album: Gemini by Macklemore

I am LOVING Macklemore’s latest album. It has been the soundtrack of many of my shorter runs. The songs are so good. Glorious and Good Old Days are played on repeat almost daily. If you’re a fan of some of his older stuff, I highly suggest checking out the latest album.

Races: Baltimore Marathon Relay and MCM10K

I ran two decent sized races this month right after each other. I ran the Baltimore Running Festival Marathon relay with my cousin and two of her friends. It was my first relay experience and my first race in Maryland. I had the third leg, which ended up being extremely hilly and hot. I did it though, with a great pace of around 9:47! Everyone on our team did great and it was really fun getting to experience the marathon in that way. Almost made me want to run one again…

The very next day I ran the MCM10k in DC, which ended up being an extremely healing race for me. I was able to run the last part of the marathon from last year, but this year I ran strong and beat my goal time: one hour. It was a great weekend.

Fall Staple: Striped Cozy Knit Long Sleeve Shirt

Target is bringing it these days with their A New Day Line. I got a few tops to wear throughout the fall / winter, and this is by far my favorite. It is SO soft and comfy. It has quickly become a staple and I know it will get worn all season.

Show: Stranger Things 2

I was really slow to watch Stranger Things when it first came out. I thought it was going to be scary and I really don’t like scary things. But, after several friends and my client recommended it, the boyfriend and I gave it a try and got instantly hooked. Season two came out a few days ago, and yes, we did spend the entire weekend binge watching it. I honestly don’t know which season is better, but I can say with certainty that season two is no disappointment. If you have Netflix, seriously, give it a shot!

Experience: Oktoberfest

My boyfriend and I spent the end of September and the beginning of October at Oktoberfest in Germany. The trip started out terribly as our little pup Turbo ran away right before we left. He was gone for two whole days, but luckily was found.

We had so much fun with our friends exploring the city, eating amazing food, drinking delicious beer, and basking in all Munich has to offer. The trip ended on the most amazing note as my boyfriend proposed in the beautiful English Garden. It is definitely a trip I will never forget!

What were you loving this month? Let me know in the comments!