Race Countdown: 7 days!

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It is completely crazy to think that at this time in 7 short days, I will (hopefully) be done with my second marathon. This time last year I was in the final weeks of training for my first marathon. That’s pretty crazy too.

I know it has been a long and sometimes exhausting training period, but today it feels like I just started training a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe that it’s actually been four months. And in those four months I’ve done two races, logged (seemingly) endless miles, and run for hours upon end.

I ran eight miles this morning (around a track, ugh!). The last true weekend run before the marathon. It’s going to be really weird not having a run I have to get in on Saturday or Sunday. I’m planning on still running, it’s just different when you are training for a race versus running for fun.

img_4061I didn’t need my IT band brace this morning, which was really nice. I’ve been pushing it a bit and trying not to use it as much on these shorter runs. I’m going to wear it next weekend just to be safe. Last year, I didn’t wear it or bring it and that’s definitely what did me in.

The run itself this morning was fine, just kind of boring. Boring because I ran 32 laps around a track. It . My pace was great too – 10:03 average. But overall it was still a pretty boring run. Slightly less boring than running on a treadmill since I was still outside soaking up the sunshine.

I’m feeling ready for this marathon. I’m sure as the week progresses I will start to get excited. Saturday when I am picking up my packet I will probably start to get nervous. But I’m ready. I know I am ready.

Now, all I need to do is take it easy this week, run my few scheduled miles easily, and get lots of sleep. My goal is to stay healthy and relaxed! Most likely, my next post will be a marathon recap! So stay tuned for that..

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