Run Streak Update: 365 Days

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I started this post almost two weeks ago, but never came back to it. I promise I haven’t abandoned the blog; life has just been a little bit busier than usual lately.

I reached a really awesome milestone the other day: a full year of running. A run streak of 365 (+ now) days. I’m still sort of in shock that I did it. I literally ran every day for an entire year.

I celebrated the occasion by going on a short run with my favorite running partner, Toby. I wanted to run 3.65 miles as a celebration, but I ended up taking a nap and then it was raining so 2 miles it was!

That run was the perfect metaphor for this entire run streak; Having plans that get changed last minute and having to go with the flow. There were several times my runs did not go as planned, but I still did them.

My two favorite examples of going with the flow are:

1) the day I was stuck in an airport with a delayed flight. You better believe I put on sneakers and ran up and down the terminals for about half a mile. Classy? Absolutely not, but I got the run in!

2) the unexpected ice storm that literally covered the grass, sidewalks, and road in ice. I tried my best to run outside that night, but it was SO dangerous. Instead, I ran up and down my stairs for a solid 10 minutes.

This challenge was really hard when I first started. I didn’t quite have the motivation to get out there every day and I almost got a little bored of running. Once it finally became a habit it was much easier. It became part of my daily routine so I knew that either before or after CrossFit, I had to run.

I ran a lot more with the boys because it killed two birds with one stone. I needed to get a run in and Toby needed a .5 mile walk or longer to go to the bathroom (weirdo!). We ran in rain, snow, and sun. One of my favorite runs was a family run with John in the snow in the evening. It was so gorgeous out and totally worth it even if the sidewalks and path weren’t ideal.


I ran in a lot of different places over the last year.

  • Florida (Disney World)
  • Hilton Head, SC
  • Las Vegas
  • San Diego, CA
  • Germany
  • Richmond, VA
  • Waynesboro, VA

In addition to daily runs, I also did a LOT of races in the last year.


I kept track of my miles pretty well and especially since the beginning of 2018. Here is the breakdown for the last few months.

  • February – 39.77
  • March – 33.44
  • April – 49.95
  • May – 30.68

What’s Next?

So, I’m sure your first question is: did I take a break?

No! I still don’t feel like running long distances these days, but the habit is strong so I still make sure to get out every day for a run of some length.

My new goal is to just keep running as long as I enjoy it. I ran a 5K last weekend and listened to a Podcast and it reignited that summer running feeling. I forgot how nice it is to get up early on a Saturday and just run.

If I wanted to actually train for a race, I do have a 20K coming up in August that it would probably be smart to train for!

What is the longest you’ve ever done something? Have you attempted a run streak?
Let me know in the comments!