Summer Challenge: Week 10

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The summer is winding down / fall is basically here, so I have two more summer challenge recipe posts left! This week I made an awesome dish, but forgot to take pictures of the process! I apologize in advance for all the text and minimal pictures.

Recipe #11

It’s a little-known fact that one of my favorite things to make and one of my boyfriend’s favorite things to eat is lasagna. I make it about once a month and was thrilled when there was recipe in this book! It’s called Marathon Lasagna and is inspired by the pre-marathon meal Shalene eats, which is not actually lasagna at all.
It’s very similar to regular lasagna with just a few tweaks. The ingredients are:

• Olive oil
• Ground turkey
• Minced garlic
• Dried oregano
• Fennel seeds
• Red pepper flakes
• Sea salt
• Marinara sauce
• No boil lasagna noodles
• Baby spinach
• Mashed sweet potato
• Whole-milk ricotta cheese
• 2 eggs, beaten
• Ground black pepper
• Thin sliced mozzarella cheese
• Grated parmesan cheese

As with regular lasagna, the prep and assembly time is the most daunting part. For this recipe, I planned on cooking the sweet potato the night before (as the book suggests), but ended up working from home so I had time to throw it in the oven earlier in the afternoon. Aside from cooking the sweet potato, I needed to brown the ground turkey and add in marinara, and then wilt the spinach. I mixed the eggs, ricotta, and sweet potato together.
Note: I made two separate batches of the ricotta mix, because my boyfriend preferred plain lasagna without the sweet potato.

After the cooking, it was all about assembly and layering. I started with a cup of sauce and then a layer of five lasagna noodles topped with some of the ricotta mix, the ground turkey, and some of the spinach. I repeated that three times with mozzarella slices every other layer. The final layer included grated Parmesan cheese (although I think I used shredded because it’s what we had). I put the lasagna in the oven for about 30 minutes and it was done!


This was delicious! I loved the addition of spinach and sweet potato, although the sweet potato was a subtler taste. My boyfriend loved it too so I can safely say this will become a recipe in regular rotation.

I know I’ve said this before, but this was definitely one of the best recipes I made this summer.

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