Summer Challenge: Week 6

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It has been disgustingly hot lately. My runs, even at 8pm, are so hot and sweaty. Since I can’t escape the heat, it seemed like the perfect week for a homemade frozen treat!


This week, I made Mango-Raspberry-Basil frozen yogurt. The name alone contains half of the ingredients.

  • Frozen mango chunks
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Plain whole milk yogurt
  • Maple syrup
  • 10 basil leaves (i only used 6)
  • Chia seeds (optional – i didn’t use)

Please note that I asked my boyfriend to pick up some basil from the store so I could make this and he showed up with an entire basil plant. #overachiever

This was another easy recipe. I took all the ingredients, combined them in my food processor, and blended until it was a fairly smooth consistency. Technically, you are supposed to use a blender, but since I don’t have a functioning blender, I had to use what I have.


I wanted to like this recipe. I really did. I like all of the things in it, I love sweets, and I love frozen things. And it’s not terrible. It’s certainly edible and it’s not gross or anything. But it’s also not great. The maple syrup and the basil seem slightly overpowering to me.

Even though I don’t love it, I do love knowing exactly what is in the frozen yogurt I am eating. I am trying to get away from processed foods (hence why I am doing this challenge) and knowing exactly what is going into the food I make is really comforting. It makes me feel really good too.

I did have a bite the other night (after being frozen and pulled out to thaw) and it held up well.

Either this cooking and baking thing is getting easier or these recipes are that simple, but it’s becoming much less daunting to make these whole food recipes. I don’t mind the time it takes (okay, not for this one) to prep and make something healthier.

Later this week I’ll post about the delicious banana bread I made using some leftover bananas. It might be the best thing I’ve made yet!


  1. Lol at the whole basil plant. Sad that is wasn’t better…maybe try again with less of the syrup and basil?

    1. Author

      Yeah that is what I was thinking. Or it could be because I used reduced sugar maple syrup so I might try it with regular maple syrup next time.

  2. It looks pretty! I’d like to try it–save me some if you don’t want to eat the rest of it. Yes, try substituting or using less of some of the ingredients.
    Keep on baking/cooking/blending!

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