Summer Challenge: Week 8

In Food, Personal by MC

I know I promised you July favorites, but we are already halfway into August and I haven’t posted them yet so they will be August favorites! That post will be up at the end of the week.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a small sweet treat, look no further than…

Recipe #9

This week’s recipe is cocoa-coconut macaroons. I have a mighty sweet tooth, but try not to continually munch on candy (although Sour Patch kids will forever be my weakness) so I wanted to try something small and sweet that I wouldn’t want to devour an entire bag of. I knew the cocoa in these would make them rich enough that I’d only need one or two to satisfy that sweets craving.

As with most of the recipes recently, these were relatively easy to make. The hardest part is finding the ingredients. These required unsweetened shredded dried coconut – but finely shredded. Luckily, I found it at Wegmans (quickly becoming one of my favorite places).

The full list of ingredients is:

  • Unsweetened shredded dried coconut
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Sea salt
  • Maple syrup
  • Virgin coconut oil melted
  • Vanilla extract

So this recipe also called for virgin coconut oil, which I’ve never used before. I also found it at Wegmans and it was easy enough to melt in the microwave just by zapping it for a few seconds at a time.

After preheating the oven to 325, I combined everything in a large mixing bowl until combined. Then I pressed the dough into a measuring spoon and dropped it onto the baking sheet. I baked them for about 20 minutes. Well, the first batch baked a little longer because they weren’t quite crispy enough. Unfortunately, they got a little burnt on the bottom.


These were so easy and so good. My dad would not like them, but that’s because he doesn’t like coconut. I did give some to my mom to try since she loves coconut – I’ll have to find out what she thought.

I really like them and like I said, I only need one or two to completely fulfill my need for a sugary treat.

I’m going to try to get away from the dessert recipes and try either a side or a main dish this week.

What is your favorite treat? Would you try these cocoa-coconut macaroons?