Summer Challenge: Week 9

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As I sit here writing up this post, I have my balcony door open and a cool breeze keeps hitting me. What a wonderful change from the heat and humidity that has hung around all summer. Fall is approaching and I am so excited!

I am really starting to think that this challenge should be renamed: using my food processor more in one summer than in two years! With this week’s recipe, I was able to take advantage of my small, but mighty food processor to make a healthy side for dinner.

Recipe #10

This week’s recipe was a fun way to eat cauliflower, which is a vegetable I don’t eat often. If I do, it is baked with buffalo sauce or raw on a veggie tray at a party, dipped in Ranch. This week, it was back to basics: Cauliflower Couscous.

• Large head of cauliflower
• Olive oil
• Sea salt
• Pepper
• Cumin

I’m not sure this recipe could be any easier. Seriously, the hardest part was cutting up the cauliflower.

The entire process was very simple:

1. Cut the cauliflower into four large pieces
2. Remove all the florets individually
3. Put florets into the food processor (fill up half way)
4. Pulse until the texture is like that of couscous
5. Collect into a bowl until all of the cauliflower is pulsed
6. Put the cauliflower, olive oil, pepper, salt, and cumin into a saucepan
7. Heat for several minutes


We had this as a side with sausage and peppers (one of my favorite easy dishes to make). It was pretty good. Obviously, it is not the same as couscous, but I didn’t mind it and it was a good way to get more veggies into my meal.

Next time, I’ll probably try seasoning it more or at least differently – it was a little bland. I’m sure I’ll end up making this again as it’s so simple and a great side dish alternative.

Look for a short race recap later this week – my first 20k! – and a new recipe (based on an old favorite) next week.

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