Toby Tales: Toby versus the Groundhog

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My dog is cute. Like, incredibly cute. He has the kind of face that makes it really hard to be mad at him. And yet, he is also a troublemaker.

I run with Toby when I can. When it’s not too hot out (so not recently) and I’m only going between two and four miles. We are still working up to the longer distances.

One day, Toby and I were running on our regular trail. Normally, he runs to the left of me, so he is closest to the middle of the bike path. On this particular day, he was running to the right of me so he was close to the grass. All of a sudden, I feel him lunge and look over and to my HORROR he has a small animal in his mouth.


Cue me freaking out in the middle of the trail and screaming at him. In my mind I am thinking, “please do not let this be a rabbit and please let it be alive.” So I am standing on the path, screaming, while Toby flings this animal around.

After a few seconds, he drops it and it scurries off. It was a groundhog. Luckily, it was alive!


You can see the groundhog in the grass post attack

Running with Toby is always an adventure.

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