When in Rome

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The last two years, my family has decided to go on a trip during Christmas. This is our main gift (well, me and my brother’s at least) and we leave either Christmas day or the day after. Last year, we went to Puerto Rico. It was wonderful and warm and so much fun! This year, we went to Italy. Still fun, but colder than I had prepared for.

I have anxiety and I especially have anxiety about flying. Even more than that, I truly dislike flying over bodies of water. So as you might imagine, this trip started off on a great note with me being anxious most of the 8 hour flight to Germany. It was fine and I survived (obviously). It helped that I was able to watch some funny movies: Ghostbusters, Bad Moms, and Bridget Jones’ Baby. We spent about six days in Italy and went to three different places.


The first place we went was Rome. We arrived in the afternoon on Monday so it was a pretty low key day. After my brother got in, we walked around and walked to the Colosseum. I have to admit that I don’t remember much Roman history so while I could appreciate the size and state of the Colosseum, I might have missed some of the historical significance.

Rome was crowded. Everywhere we went we were surrounded by people. It definitely took some adjusting to. But the architecture was spectacular. The buildings were so tall and some had the most interesting statues on top of them.

The second day in Rome we went to the Vatican museum where we were able to see tons of artifacts and sculptures and artwork. We went to the Sistine Chapel, which was quite incredible. It’s just amazing to think of how much work went into all of the intricate drawings.

We went to Vatican City and into St. Peter’s Cathedral. This was potentially one of my favorite parts of Rome, even though I know it is not technically in Rome. I’m Catholic (and not that you have to be Catholic to appreciate a church), but St. Peter’s just felt incredibly spiritual. For the first time in the trip my anxiety was lessened and I felt calmer. The church itself was incredible and ornate and huge.

We ended the day with a walking tour of Rome, which was a great way to really see the city. We learned about artist rivalries, had gelato, and saw the Pantheon as well as other famous Rome tourist spots. We were briefly by the Spanish steps but did not go on them. We ended the day with a really nice dinner where we celebrated my parent’s 30th anniversary. Relationship goals anyone?

The next day we drove to Pienza to see family friends. We spent two and a half days there exploring the towns and villages in that area and then went to Florence. I’ll save the Pienza and Florence recap for the next post!